The More You Know, the More it Sucks

13 Jul

So I kinda figured out this whole fat loss/dieting thing. I actually figured it out a long time ago, but unfortunately, it just took me until NOW to realize how much it really sucks.

See, there’s really no big secret to losing fat and keeping it off. We all know it’s basically being in a caloric deficit. And yes it requires hard work and patience and time and effort of course.

But to finally finally FINALLY understand that you cannot possibly see good results without adhering to your diet at least at an 85-90% compliance rate 100% of the time?  Well, that’s the part that really sucks.

Here comes the whining (I’m really good at complaining, so brace yourself).

So now I gotta get back to being the tupperware queen again. Now I have to resist the urge to eat something I’m not really supposed to. Now I have to toss the peanut butter that calls my name when I’m not even hungry at night. Now I have to suck it up and just deal with hunger sometimes. (Not starvation, let’s be clear).

I finally understand how most of my clients feel MOST of the time. I’m struggling like they do. I’m frustrated like they are. I’m cheating as many times if not more than they are on the weekends.

And here we go again on Monday morning, starting over. This time we will be 100%. This time we won’t cheat. This time we will prep our foods. This time we’ll get our workouts in. This time we’ll try really really hard and we will not fail.

But a few days or maybe if I’m lucky, a few weeks might pass and I’ll be back here again, repeating the same thing.

So goes this whole dieting thing.

And there’s really no other words of wisdom to share with this. There’s no big revelation. There’s nothing more to say other than THIS. SUCKS.


When All Else Fails, Stop Trying So Hard.

6 Jul


You know how many times you have to fail at something in order to be successful? I don’t know the exact number, as I’m sure it’s different for everyone. But let’s just agree that it’s probably a very high number. Most people just stop and give up at whatever it is they are shooting for because of numerous failures.

But what would happen if you just “sorta tried?”  Like a half-ass attempt? You’d probably get half-ass results. But wouldn’t that be better than NO results?

Here’s where I’m going with this argument:  What if people just stopped trying SO hard to be perfect all of the time with reaching their goal?

For some (relevant to this blog and myself) it’s always about diet. And eating and maintaining perfectly 100% of the time. I know this isn’t possible so I usually shoot for 90% of the time. But for others it could be their mission to find the perfect mate. Or for others, they really want to get a promotion at work. So we try and we work really really hard and we might have a good week or a good month or just a good day and what happens? We get zero results. We don’t lose an inch. We go on a ton of dates and find no matches. Our boss doesn’t notice all the overtime we put in. No change, nothing.

Now most people give up completely. Throwing in the towel after just a few attempts. Others might try again and and again and come up short again and again. But what if we just stopped trying SO hard. And we tried just a little bit? I’m talking minimal effort.

For the dieters – we aim for for even lower – 80% adherence. For the workaholics, we don’t stay at work until the wee hours of the morning. We just stay long enough to what MUST be done and nothing more. For the serial daters, we cancel our online dating profiles and just hang out with friends.

So see, once the pressure is off to be 100% all of the time, you can relax and let the process happen organically. The point is, you can’t possibly aim to be 100% perfect all of the time because something else in your life with lose attention and will fall apart – lack of sleep due to staying at work late, less money in the bank by going out on all these dates looking for Mr/Mrs Right, no social life because you can’t stick to your diet when you’re out with your friends.

When your energy is focused solely on this one goal, the rest of your priorities get a little lost and put aside. But when you step aside and relax a little bit, the pieces fall into place. This isn’t about giving up – it’s about giving just a PART of you to your goal and not your entire self. Just a piece of you. And when you start to get on a roll (losing an inch or two here, getting kudos from the boss once in awhile, having a few nice dates) you’ll be glad you never gave up completely.

Sometimes, all it takes is just a little bit of effort to make a noticeable change. It doesn’t have to be full steam ahead the entire time.

Weekend in Review: The LBC/CWT Conference 2014

24 Jun 10458317_10154260365000315_3201069716085779973_n

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a fitness conference put on by my coach of Lean Bodies Consulting in conjunction with their “little sister” company of Curls and Whey Training in Virginia Beach.

The conference was open to anyone who wanted to attend, not just clients. Altogether I believe there were around 80 or 90 of us total.

If I could describe the experience in one word, as a personal trainer, I would have to say Humbling. Although I would never say I’m an expert or master trainer, I thought I knew a thing or two about this whole exercise thing. ;) But I learned more from THIS conference than I have at any other Nationally Accredited Fitness Conference where you’re sitting in rooms and taking notes. This was hands-on, one-on-one training at it’s finest. You can really only learn through experience right? And that’s exactly what this conference was. I’m SO glad I went. I’ve already implemented the tips and tricks I’ve learned in my own workouts as well as with my clients.

Some highlights from the weekend:

I was thrilled to FINALLY meet my coach Erik Ledin in person. I had only known him thru Facebook and of course our online emails. He has a reputation for being quite the tough guy. And a little more than intimidating to say the least. But that’s clearly just his persona as he is the biggest teddy bear ever! ;)  I’m sure he won’t appreciate me blowin up his spot but it’s true. He’s definitely a “tells it like it is” guy and brutally honest, but it’s because he truly cares about his clients health.



Friday was a meet and greet at a hotel downtown in Norfolk where all the coaches gathered with the attendees. After my 10 hour drive from Cleveland I was exhausted but anxious to meet everyone face to face. We had some munchies (Of course I was all about the food, diet be damned!) and chatted with everyone. Met my fave person ever Megan Donnelson which was one of my highlights since I’ve been following her since her interview on All I could think of when I approached her was “I’m not a stalker or anything, so don’t be afraid.” LOL!



Started out at The Gym Downtown in Norfolk to break out into groups.My group was Group A and our first stop was a seminar with Amy of Curls and Whey (And Erik’s wife) to discuss diet and nutrition. This woman. Wow. She speaks from the heart, she’s just a brave and wonderful soul. I love the way she addressed our questions about the diet mentality. Everyone struggles (and if you’ve been following my blog you know I have shared how real the struggle is to stay on plan) but it was good to hear it from the pros and coaches. Some of the information was not necessarily new to me and what I usually tell my own clients but it helped to have it repeated. Amy also discussed how to create a fat loss diet, how and when to implement re-feeds into your plan and why plateaus or being on a maintenance plan are GOOD things. I took lots of notes on that part as I have never done re-feeds before.


Our next stop was Upper Body with Erik and Megan. This is where the humbling came in. And not just for me but for many of the attendees, as some of them were trainers themselves too.

Megan went over Lat Pulldowns and Erik guided us with Seated Rows. Sounds simple, right? But as they both pointed out, these are the most common exercises that people butcher in the gym. While I don’t think any of us were doing them incorrectly, per se, we learned how to do them Optimally and more Effective. I was flaring my elbows out and leaning back too far in my pulldowns instead of sticking the chest out and bringing the bar straight down. And the seated rows…HA! I just have to laugh because I felt like I was a “project” for Erik to get me to do this one correctly. “Shoulder blades shoulder blades shoulder blades!!!” :)  I will forever hear his voice in my head as I do them now. I was making this an ARM exercise and not a BACK exercise. Lesson learned!

Megan and Erik then showed us some other upper body moves to try like how to perform a Cable Fly correctly and Face pulls and Chest Presses (I was NOT squeezing the shoulder blades on this one at all, so that was a new one for me).

imageimage image

After lunch was Lower Body time. My fave! Mark was the coach for this one and someone snapped a shot of me demonstrating a Single Leg Deadlift which was very fun as this was also a new way for me to try them. I like to think I know how to squat and deadlift properly and according to Mark I did well. I will now do Front Squats with straps now though, so a new tip to start trying! I really like the way Mark described RDL’s though. “It’s not how far the down the bar travels, but it’s how far back your hips come.” Perfect cue to tell those clients of mine who don’t quite understand how to do them properly.

image image


After this was Open Gym time so we could get our own workouts in as well as try out new stuff with the coaches right there. I got my leg workout in and added in a couple new ones as too. It was basically a free for all since about 40 of us were trying to do lower body with just a couple barbells available, but that actually made it fun and entertaining!

Saturday night was when the coaches got to show off their dance skills. I was serious when I said I wanted a Dance-Off between all the coaches so little did they know I was judging them as they made their way onto the dance floor. Here’s a snippet of the fun that was had:



I considered all my dancing (sober, I might add!) as my cardio for the day. But I PROBABLY wouldn’t have stayed out until 2am knowing I’d have coach Holly’s metabolic workout the next morning. OY!


Sunday started with a lecture from Coaches Ileen and Steph on Thyroid and Hormone Testing, something I am a HUGE advocate of as well. Having worked at LifeTime Fitness, I have given lectures on cortisol and lab testing more than a few times so I’m very glad LBC/CWT made this part of the conference. It’s crucial to get your labs done. (Shameless plug for my affiliate company ThorneFx who provides these tests too here).

After the lecture it was time for Holly’s workout. Thank goodness for the long warm-up because I needed it. Although I drank was water all weekend, I lacked sleep. Something about not sleeping in my own bed. I was going on about 4 hours of sleep. Not that I’m making excuses! :)

Holly’s workout was AWESOME! We did 4 rounds (I think) of 10 exercises for 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off. There’s video that was taken at the conference and I’m anxious to see it because I’m sure my clients would LOVE to see me being tortured with burpees and push ups and all the lovely exercises I have them do. So clients, be assured, I got my butt kicked.


After lunch it was time to head out. I couldn’t stay for the Roundtable discussion but I did manage to stay for the raffle and won THIS: image

Yes Peanut Butter!! HA!  I almost want to say that this was the best part of the weekend…Because we all know how much I love PB. ;)

All in all, this was an amazing, fun-filled, kick ass weekend where I met not only some great coaches but made some great friends who all embrace the LBC/CWT philosophy. I left there inspired, motivated, and re-ignited to continue to be the best personal trainer I can be to my clients. It’s all about spreading the knowledge and paying it forward. I cannot wait for the next chapter in my own transformation (August 2015 competition perhaps??) while watching my new friends and fellow PT’s take their own journey as well.

Thanks again Erik, Amy, Julie, Steph, Ileen, Holly, Megan, and Mark for putting on this conference. Awesome Awesome Awesome.


Hit the Reset Button

9 Jun



It’s been one of those months.  Not days, not weeks, an entire month of being way too liberal with my diet.

I had booked a just-for-fun photo shoot for June 28th but told my photographer I need much more time. If I would have stuck with the original date, I would have been miserable. I probably would look “okay” maybe even “good” to some people, but I’m setting my standards higher than just “good” and “okay.”  I will in no way look like I’m ready to hit the stage in a competition, but I aim to look my most FIT this year. That’s my goal.

So, today is day number 1. Again.  We’ve all been here I’m sure:

“I’ll start tomorrow.”

“Just one more party and I’ll get back on my diet next week.”

“I can’t possibly say no to birthday/graduation/wedding cake, so just one more cheat weekend.”

I consider the past month a mini-vacation for myself. I didn’t go nuts but NOTHING was working to get myself motivated to lean out. My usual tricks just weren’t cutting it. No motivational sayings posted on my phone or pictures of my favorite competitors helped. Writing about it didn’t help. Watching other people workout didn’t do anything for me. Taking progress pics didn’t do it either. Even pushing my own clients to work hard, which almost always works for me, didn’t make me want to take this seriously this time around.

I think I realized the problem: I believe it was a combination of stopping the coaching with Erik as well as having become USED to all the food during my bulk phase. I think my stomach was just like, “Ummm….what happened to all that food you were feeding me?”

Trust me, the food that’s on my diet phase of this plan is PLENTY of food for me. But of course, who wouldn’t just a little bit more? Just an extra bite here. A little more spoonful there. Oh just a few more grams won’t hurt.

The nice interesting part is that the scale doesn’t show any significant change. I didn’t completely undo all my hard work. So this tells me my cheats really weren’t that bad. This is more of a psychological RESET button I’m hitting. Because my mind and my heart were NOT into it this past month at all.

But that’s changing today.

No more slacking. Time to get serious.

So let’s this be a lesson to you boys and girls:

Even when you set goals, be ready to put the work in. Admit when you’re hearts just not into it, and hit that reset button when you are ready. It’s never too late!



Stay in Shape While On Vacation

23 May

It turns out May is Physical Fitness and Sports Month, who knew!?

And recently I asked on my FB page what topics people wanted to covered in a blog post and a few replied with “How to stay in shape while traveling.”  I immediately put together my Hotel Workout which I know many of you tried and liked. But today’s post is more about staying fit while on vacation, which alot of people seem to have a hard time with. “I went on vacation and I came back 5lbs heavier!”

Okay well, you may have just eaten off your plan but it could also be that while vacation is great for relaxing, sometimes it helps to get a little bit of activity instead of just chillin on the beach sipping margaritas.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) ;)

While doing some research for this post I took some typical vacation spots and sought out any sort of ways you could have fun but also get a workout in without breaking the bank and without seeming like a killjoy.  Let’s face it, most people take vacation to take a break, not break a sweat.  But here’s some good news for those of us that still like to stay on track:

Las Vegas


Sin City has more than just casinos and clubs.  The Aria Las Vegas, for example, has a Hotel Hike that is designed to target the same muscles you would use on a regular hike.  You are given a hike leader who will take you on a tour of the grand hotel past restaurants, the casino, and art installations. You purposely skip the escalators so you get the full on hike effect.  For those who are heading to Vegas for the first time, I would bet this is a great way to see the city instead of sitting at a poker table all day.



If you’re lucky enough to embark on a cruise this year, you’ll probably do well to try Royal Caribbean.  Apparently their ships offer wave pools, zip lines, rock climbing walls, and mini golf.  Some even feature an indoor ice skating rink!  That’s a firwt, ice skating on a boat?! Most ships have a fitness facility and even a full sized basketball court too.  There is literally no excuse for not getting up and moving. And of course at the ports you can do your typical outdoor activities like snorkeling or horseback riding on the beach.

Out West…or as I like to call them: The Square States


You’d think if you’re going to travel out west, sure you could  just run outside and get some of your usual boring cardio in easily.  That’s all fine and dandy but how about trying out something new while you’re out there?

Phoenix implements something called Silent Sundays where outdoor enthusiasts including runners, walkers,cyclists, skate boarders, wheelchair users, and stroller riding tots can call the streets their own. The main access roads are closed to motor vehicles on the second Sunday of every month at North Mountain Park and on the fourth Sunday at South Mountain Park. No worries about getting in the way of all those cars on the road while trying to get your run on.

There’s something called Canyoneering that sounds like a full body workout. According to the Utah Canyoneering Guide, a guide named Tom describes canyoneering as this: “We go down canyons. And find out what is there. And have fabulous adventures. We use ropes, often. Our hands and feet, quite a bit. Our shoulders, elbows, hips, thighs, calves, backsides – also quite a bit. Our cleverness, our wit, our fortitude, our sense of humor, our pluck, our desperation, our relationships with one-another, our spirit of adventure – all these at times, we use, on these adventures of the spirit.”

Sunshine, Blue Water, Beaches


Sounds like paradise. But a beach is also the easiest place to get in a good workout: Running in packed, wet sand.  Now if you want a real challenge, you can opt for the dry sand but you’ll feel like you’re going nowhere because of how difficult it is to get your footing.  Save that for some Yoga or a beach activity with friends like frisbee or beach volleyball. Of course, swimming is the other obvious choice here for a workout but after just a few minutes, that can feel like eternity. Keep it light, you’re on vacation after all!

Hope some of these options give you something to think about next time you book your next vacation.  Remember it doesn’t have to be an excuse to gorge yourself.  You can still get a little workout in no matter where you are!

If you have other tips feel free to leave in the comment section and don’t forget to use #TravelFit2014 so others can see it too!




Does this Selfie Make My Ego Look Big?

14 May


Who says we have to suffer?  When did this stop becoming fun and lighthearted and turn into hardcore and punishment?

At this time last year I was spending a decent amount of time in the gym.  I was working out 6 days week for about 45 minutes at a time.  No cardio, just lifting.  Not overtraining.  Just working towards the goal of the competition. I also worked at two other gyms. And paid membership dues to 3 gyms.

My sister joked once at the time:  “Whenever I call you you’re either on your way to the gym, at the gym, or driving home from the gym.”  I thought it was hilarious…back then.

Now? A year later, I’m kind of irritated that I found it necessary to workout so much.  I think of all the time I could have spent doing other things.  I could have at least cut back to 4 days a week.  Granted, I made sure I didn’t miss out on any family gatherings as much as possible. But it bordered on obsession and addiction.

Today, I can’t help but see others succumbing to the #NoDaysOff mantra.  Take a look at ANY social media forum and it’s right there. Instagram is probably the worst culprit.  I don’t recall all this Selfie obsession a year or two ago.  It has definitely escalated.  I’m sure it started out as motivating and perhaps it continues to motivate others. (I just like the pictures of the food to be honest).  But it borders on Bragging and Boasting.  Now everyone and their mother thinks they have to tweet and post and snap a pic of every rep and set and flex.  #Beastmode? #NoDaysOff? I say #Annoying.

And these are not people training for a competition or a marathon.  These are not Olympians or professional athletes. These are just average people thinking they have to kill themselves in the gym almost everyday.  And they ARE doing cardio and possibly overtraining.  But let’s just say they are being careful and have become addicted to the gym.  I think that’s a great thing except for one small problem:  Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.


I think you might need to find a LIFE if the gym is the only good part of your day. I love working out but it is indeed not the best part of my day.

Injuries and overtraining aside, spending 75% of your time in a gym working out is not the point of working out.  The point of being fit is to be healthy so you WON’T have to spend 75% of your time in a gym.  Even if you think of your average overweight or even obese person in this example, they can accomplish most of their fat loss by diet alone and little exercise.  But therein lies the problem – Most of the people who NEED to lose fat, probably have an addiction to food, which is how they got to where they are presently.

So instead of working on a food plan and getting a diet in order, people are under the impression that in order to lose fat, they can just workout and still eat like garbage.  That might work for a week or two, but crappy eating always wins in the end.  You can run a marathon and still gain weight.

Programs like P90X and T25 and CrossFit give the false impression, I think, that you have to sweat until you bleed in the gym everyday or else you’re not doing it right.


Sorry to my CF friends but this is #lame.

Selfies and Flex Friday and Motivation Monday and #FitFamily can be a great thing, don’t get me wrong.  At this point, it’s just motivating the already-motivated groups though.

Let’s just get the word out there that beating  yourself up in the gym everyday isn’t worth it in the end.  And it’s not necessary or even recommended to anyone.

No one ever said on their deathbed, “If only I had just squatted a few more times!”  And no matter what you believe about the afterlife, I don’t think you can take your dumbbells with you.

Unfortunately the people who really need to read this, won’t see it.

They’re still at the gym.

Hotel Bodyweight Workout

30 Apr

A few FB friends recommended I post a workout they can do when they’re traveling and no time to hit the hotel gym, or maybe your hotel has no gym.  Well, here are two options for you. “Please excuse the crudity of this model, I didn’t have time to take high quality pictures or insert fancy graphics.”

There are two programs to choose from
Beginner or Intermediate/Advanced.
Each program consists of 10 exercises that you should perform in succession with about 20-30 seconds max rest in between each exercise. Your goal is to do 4 Sets of these 10 exercises, resting about 2 minutes in between Sets.

First set = 10 reps per exercise.

Second set = 12 reps per exercise.

Third set = 15 reps per exercise.

Fourth (and final) set = 20 reps per exercise

Of course, it’s optional to do all 4 rounds but it’s ideal if you CAN.


The Beginner program is for people who are currently working out on a consistent basis but would consider themselves “Deconditioned” and “trying to get in shape.”


Intermediate/Advanced is for those who workout consistently for more than 6 months and consider themselves to be “in decent shape.”


As always, start with a little warm up to get those limbs…limber.  I’ve been doing this one for awhile: The Limber 11


Beginner BodyWeight/Hotel Workout

If at any point you can’t perform all the reps listed, do as many as you can, rest, and then move on to the next exercise.

1. ATG (Ass to Grass) Squats

photo 1(3)

  • As low as your butt can go, weight in your heels, hips back, chest out, eyes forward, feet hip width apart.
  • Try not to let your knees turn in or flare out, they should face forward. Heels do not come up off the floor, EVER.

2. Push up to Plank

cobra Pilates-push-up


  • Start out hands close to chest as pictured above. Slowly begin to push your body up into a plank position as in the second picture. You’re merely attempting to push up your body off the ground in this order, almost like a worm:
  • Chest comes off the ground, then stomach, then hips, then knees. Hold the plank for a second, then slowly descend (as opposed to flopping down) in the reverse order: Knees come down, then hips, then stomach and finally chest. Try not to rest for more than a couple seconds before “worming” your way back up.
  • Abs are engaged (think of someone about to punch you in the gut and brace the abs), glutes squeezed together to protect the lower back, hips are not sagging.

3. Single Leg Dips

photo 3(2)

  • Start standing in place, put all your weight on one foot. Bend the standing leg as you reach with both hands to about 6 inches in front of you to the floor. If you can touch the floor, that is the goal. If you are not flexible enough, just reach as far as you can without toppling over.
  • Return to the standing position but keep the opposite foot off the floor if possible. Stay on the same side for the reps required.

4.  Bridge on Bed

photo 5(1)
  • Lie down so your feet are on the bed (or chair if you so desire). It’s preferable that the feet are digging into the bed on the top, not the side. (You don’t want to be able to push the mattress off.)
  • With your body at a 90 degree angle, push your feet into the bed and lift your hips and butt off the floor.
  • Hold for a couple seconds, squeezing the glutes before bringing hips back down and returning to starting position.
  • You should feel this in your hamstrings (back of the legs).

5. Sit ups with feet under Bed

photo 5(2)

  • Bring feet down to under the bed (flex feet if needed to keep feet from moving) place hands behind head and come up as far as you are able, keeping abs engaged as much as possible.
  • Don’t pull your neck, think of lifting from the chest. Try not to use momentum to cheat.

6. Plank Jacks


  • Plank position on hands to start. Feet hip width apart.
  • Jump the feet out as if you’re doing a jumping jack horizontally, jump the feet back in. Maintain the plank position the entire time, do not let the hips or butt rise, do not allow the back and hips to scoop or droop. Abs engaged, glutes squeezed entire time.

7. Alternating Lunges


  • Hands on hips or above head for added difficulty, step forward with one foot bending the back knee towards the floor at the same time
  • Push off the front foot as you return to the starting position.
  • Alternate to the other foot and repeat on that side. This completes 1 rep.
  • Note: The back knee does not need to touch the floor, just as far down as you are able.

8. Dips on Chair or Bed


  • Palms on chair facing forward, feet out in front of you.
  • The further the feet are out, the more difficult the exercise becomes.
  • Dip your body down to the floor as you bring the elbows directly behind you. Push into the chair (or bed) and bring yourself back up to starting position.

9. Leg Tucks on Chair or Bed

photo 3(3)

  • Sitting on the bed or chair, slightly lean away from legs.
  • Grab a hold of the sides of the chair or just on the bed and position hips at one end, legs out in front.
  • Raise legs so they are in front of you, pull knees in toward chest. Extend legs out straight in front and repeat.

10. Side Plank Lift and Lower

photo 1(6)

  • Lie on your right side with your legs straight. Prop yourself up with your right forearm so your body forms a diagonal line. Rest your left hand on your hip. Brace the abs and lift the hips and knees off the floor.
  • Hold for a second and slowly lower back down (try not to flop down). Repeat for the required number of reps before switching to the left side.

Intermediate/Advanced Bodyweight Hotel Workout

If at any point you can’t perform all the reps listed, do as many as you can, rest, and then move on to the next exercise.

1. Jump Squats

photo 5(3)

  • With feet shoulder width apart, descend into a squat. Go as low as your butt can go but keep weight in your heels, hips back, chest out, and eyes forward.
  • Try not to let your knees turn in or flare out, they should face forward. Heels do not come up off the floor as you descend. Once you are as low as you can go, drive through the heels and jump up.

2. Push up to a Plank – Slow descent to floor

A.  cobra

B1.  inchworm-with-push-up-d-ex

B2.  Pilates-Push-Up-2

C.  Pilates-push-up

This is best described as a push up from the floor – meaning you start completely on the floor and come up in one motion.

A.  Start out lying on stomach and chest as pictured, and bring hands lower to be in line with your chest. Press hands into the floor as you begin to ascent.

You don’t want to WORM yourself up into a plank, you want to come up in one motion. THIS is what makes it difficult.

 B1.  and B2. Although you are not in this position for more than a nano second, THIS is what your body should look like as you ascent.

 C.  Come up into a plank position, engaging the abs, glutes squeezed to protect lower back, hips not sagging! Hold for a second and SLOWLY descent all the way back down to the floor. Try not to FLOP down, although after a few reps, you will be tempted to.

Rest for no more than 3-5 seconds in between reps.

3. Single Leg Glute/Hammie Raises on Bed 1(9) 2(5)

  • Lie down so your feet are on the bed (or chair if you so desire). It’s preferable that the feet are digging into the bed on the top, not the side. (You don’t want to be able to push the mattress off.) Your heels should be digging into the bed/chair.
  • With your body at a 90 degree angle, hands at your sides, push your heels into the bed and lift your hips and butt off the floor into a bridge.
  • A. Extend one leg up.
  • B. Pressing your hands into the floor at your sides, lift your butt and hips off the floor, aiming the extended foot towards the ceiling.
  • Squeeze the glutes the throughout. Bring the hips and butt back down to the floor but not completely; allow them to hover about an inch or two above the floor before lifting again for the next repetition. You should feel this in your hamstrings (back of the legs). It might be possible that the bed is too high, in which case a chair might be better suited.

4. Full sit ups with Arms Raised 2(4)

B. photo 2(4)

  • Lie down with knees slightly bend and feet under the bed (flex feet if needed to keep from moving) for stability if need be.

A. With abs engaged, bring arms straight out in front of your chest.B. Slowly lift yourself straight up into a sit up position. Slowly roll yourself back down as opposed to flopping down. Try not to use momentum to cheat throughout.


5. Plank with Knee to Opposite elbow

photo 2(6)

  • Plank position on hands to start. Feet hip width apart.
  • Lift right foot up off the floor slightly. Bend right knee and bring knee to left elbow.
  • Return right leg to starting position and alternate with the left foot. This completes One Rep.



6. Lunge Jumps

photo 1(5)

  • Hands on hips or behind head (as pictured) for added difficulty
  • Stand with your feet hip width apart and lunge forward with right leg. Hold the lunge with your right knee bent at 90 degrees
  • Push off your right foot, jump, and switch legs, landing with your left leg forward into a lunge. Hold this position for a second, then repeat. One side is One rep. (You’ll do 10, 12, 15 or 20 TOTAL, not 20, 24, 30 and 40 reps, unless you want a ridiculous challenge).
  • Note: The back knee does not need to touch the floor, just as far down as you are able.

7. Push ups with feet elevated

photo 4(3)

  • Place hands on floor below shoulders and prop feet on bed (or chair). The HIGHER your feet, the more difficult this becomes. You might want to consider starting out on a higher elevation and as the reps are increased, you can decrease the difficulty. Example: Bed, Chair, Step, Floor.
  • You must be able to maintain stable hips and a straight back (no scooping) throughout. Keep abs engaged throughout to maintain this position.
  • Elbows should bend slightly behind you at an angle as is the case in a regular push up. Elbows should never flare out to the SIDES. Descend into a push up aiming your chest to the floor and bending the elbows slightly behind you as mentioned. Repeat for the required number of reps.


8. Prisoner Get up Get Down

Aphoto 3(4)

Bphoto 4(4)

Cphoto 2(3)

Dphoto 1(7)

A. Start lying down on back completely flat, hands behind head as if you’re going to do a crunch or sit up.

B. Criss-cross your feet (not pictured) as you lift upper body up off the floor

C. and D. and come up to a standing position without using your hands..

  • Reverse the process, bend your knees and sit back down on the floor, again without using your hands to help you. Your hands are in a “prisoner” position behind your head for the entire time.
  • If you aren’t able to do as many reps as required without using your hands, try to use just one hand to help you. Avoid using too much momentum to bring yourself up off the floor.

9. Side Burpees


  • Pictured is a traditional Burpee. You are only changing the direction of your feet on the jump out (The Picture in the middle).
  • You will squat down, place your hands down on the floor, jump both feet out to one side, bring the feet back in to center, and jump up. This completes one rep.
  • Return to starting position, jump the feet out to the other side, jump the feet back in, jump up. This is rep #2. Etc.

10. Side Plank with Rotation

photo 4(2)

  • Lie on your right side with your legs straight. Prop yourself up with your right forearm so your body forms a diagonal line. You can stack the feet (as pictured) or you can place your top foot in front of your bottom foot forming a “scissor” position.
  • Reach your left arm up to the ceiling. Brace the abs and lift the hips and knees off the floor.
  • Bring your left arm down in front of your, bending it slightly so it comes down and reaches thru behind you.
  • Return the left arm to the starting position, keeping your hips and knees off the floor and repeat the rotational move. The hips and knees remain off the floor the entire time.
  • Repeat for the required number of reps before resting the hips and knees back down and switching to the left side.


I hope you enjoyed these and please let me know if you tried it and how you did!

And if you want some extra inspiration, please check out my little interview with David Shook HERE over on FFTP.

Exercise Disclaimer: Michelle Piccolo and From Fit To Figure specifically DISCLAIMS LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES and assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of the use or misuse of any of the information or content from this program. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK: This exercise program is for informational purposes only. Consult a physician before performing this or any exercise program. It is your responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition and to independently determine whether to perform, use or adapt any of the information or content in this program. Any exercise program may result in injury. By voluntarily undertaking any exercise displayed here, you assume the risk of any resulting injury.



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